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we step into your shoes. we treat each event that we manage as if it is our own personal event. that’s the kind of commitment we bring to bear on each event. it keeps us totally focused on the job on hand, and thrifty when it comes to spending our clients’ money. our objective is to manage each event as elegantly as possible without being overly expensive.

eventique house has been setting the benchmark in the live entertainment space by creating a unique entertainment experience with a scintillating blend of music, dance, comedy and mesmerizing special effects using state-of-the-art technology. we offer different experiences to different demographic & geographic audiences, and cater to both indian and international audiences. our services cover all aspects of conducting live entertainment shows, including identifying performing artists, negotiating prices, setting up spectacular venues, scripting and directing the show, celebrity management, managing logistics, promoting the programs, and doing whatever else it takes to make every show a success. with eventique house working behind the scenes, the show never stops.

Events And Entertainment Events And Entertainment Events And Entertainment

Concepts &Theme Based Events

We are experts at conducting one-of-a-kind events that set you apart in a class of your own. Our design and production teams come together to create an enchanting experience your guests will remember for a lifetime. We transport your guests to an ambience that is exotic and enthralling, decking up your venue in a manner that looks so authentic, you’ll find it hard to believe. From conceptualization to final execution, we take care of every aspect of your event, paying attention to the minutest detail. Eventique House is where you shop for unparalleled theme based events planned and executed to perfection.

Concepts &Theme Based Events Concepts &Theme Based Events Concepts &Theme Based Events

Corporate Events

Eventique House is a leading player in Corporate Event Management in Kochi. Our exceptional expertise and unmatched services have earned us a prominent position in the industry. We specialize in providing tailor-made solutions for a wide range of events, including product launches, corporate conclaves, conferences and business summits, team building exercises, and annual general meetings. By combining creativity with the latest technology, we deliver high-octane events that provide an innovative and immersive experience. Our approach is client-centric, as we put ourselves in their shoes, understand their needs and expectations, and deliver accordingly. At Eventique House, we not only manage great events but also build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We support our clients across the entire communication spectrum, going beyond Corporate Event Management in Kochi.

Corporate Events Corporate Events Corporate Events

Event Marketing

Apart from conducting spectacular events, we are also adept at creating a buzz and promoting entertainment events using various channels. Event marketing can be a daunting task involving a wide variety of disciplines, and requiring a lot of work across multiple teams.Promoting a large event can feel like you’re climbing Mt. Everest without an oxygen cylinder, but with Eventique House on your side, success is guaranteed. We not only find sponsors with deep pockets to promote your event, but also use channels like social media, PR, mass email campaigns and the press to drive ticket sales. We set clear goals, and work methodically and tirelessly to make your event a success.

Event Marketing Event Marketing Event Marketing

Exhibitions & Conventions

Exhibitions and conventions are events that attract a lot of footfall, and organizing and executing them properly can take your brand image to stellar levels. We deliver exhibition and convention management as all-inclusive packages that cover everything from setting up majestic entrance pavilions and air-conditioned interiors and individual stalls within the exhibition or convention center, power supply, security and fire fighting arrangements, parking, crowd control, food and beverages, and onsite entertainment. We’ll also help you market the event so that you get the maximum footfall possible.

Exhibitions & Conventions Exhibitions & Conventions Exhibitions & Conventions

Product Launch & Promo

We help you conduct product launches and product promos, ensuring consumers recognize and connect to your brand. We make sure that your product message goes home and results in significant sales uptake. Whether it is opening a new showroom, launching a new product line or re-packaging an existing product, you can trust Eventique House to come up with memorable ideas including the presence of top cine artists to add glamor and glitter to the event. Using discrete promotional activities to effectively penetrate into diverse market segments, we will breath life into your brand and your product.

Product Launch & Promo Product Launch & Promo Product Launch & Promo

Eventique House Wedding Planner offers a modest, professional service for time pressed clients, creating timeless, elegant, seamless events with passion. Eventique house started its journey in the Wedding industry from 2013 and become one of the pioneer in the industry now. By choosing us to plan your special day, you can expect thorough attention to detail, creative ideas and a stress free service. This ensures you are left to enjoy the excitements of your big day.

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