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Akumentis Achievers Award 2018

Akumentis Achievers Award 2018 image

Zee Keralam 2018

Zee Keralam 2018 image

Ictrims 2018

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Trojan-Channel Partner’s Meet

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Flowers Gulf Film Awards 2016 Abu Dhabi-UAE

Flowers Gulf Film Awards 2016 Abu Dhabi-UAE image

Vismayam, Sharjah, UAE

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Eicher Samman Samaraoh

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Bosch Top Seller Award-2019

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Automobile Events

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Honor Retailer Meet

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Bosch Refrigerator Launch 2015

Bosch Refrigerator Launch 2015 image

The 3rd Kerala State Business Excellence Awards 2014

The 3rd Kerala State Business Excellence Awards 2014 image

Showroom Inauguration and Launch

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Suvarna Sangamam 2016

Suvarna Sangamam 2016 image

PPG Group Product Launch

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Eventique House Wedding Planner offers a modest, professional service for time pressed clients, creating timeless, elegant, seamless events with passion. Eventique house started its journey in the Wedding industry from 2013 and become one of the pioneer in the industry now. By choosing us to plan your special day, you can expect thorough attention to detail, creative ideas and a stress free service. This ensures you are left to enjoy the excitements of your big day.

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