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Welcome to Eventique House
Though a wedding is an occasion of fun and gaiety, it is also an occasion of immense stress for the families involved. We take the stress out of the event, leaving you to engage with your guests and enjoy the day. Our experienced team of wedding planners and designers take on all responsibility, planning every aspect of the event to the minutest detail, leaving no stone unturned to make sure your wedding is the talk of the town, and that your guests have an ecstatic experience. If you are on the look out for wedding organizers in Kochi, be sure to get in touch with us.

Eventique takes pride in organizing and executing economical yet exceptionally premium weddings. The mutually beneficial relationship we have established with various vendors allows us to offer top-notch service at extremely affordable cost. We cover every aspect of a wedding ceremony, right from budgeting to conducting of the actual event in the most economical, and at the same time most memorable manner. Small wonder we are the top wedding planners in Kochi.

The success that we have come by is the result of total dedication, absolute commitment, attention to the minutest detail, the personal relationship that we establish with each client big or small, the responsibility that comes from knowing that we are playing with the hard earned money of our clients, and the conviction that to be the best in the business we need to deliver the best. These are the principles we abide by and bring to bear on every assignment we undertake. And that’s the reason we are the best wedding planners in Kochi.

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